Bali Early Morning Matters – How I structure mine & why this helps my whole day

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How do you start your days?

Do you find they can be accidental some mornings like those days so many of us have had, where we find ourselves racing to just try and keep up with the demands of the world around you – or have you found ways to start your morning that sets up your whole day to feel aligned and on track with what is most important to you being included easily?

After exploring different approaches for starting my day over the years I wanted to share something I have been including a whale now and I found can really realign my day when I include it in my early morning rhythm (or late morning if you’re not an early bird like me).
It’s one that makes a key difference to the whole day for me and my clients that I’ve shared it with.

I first meditate and do some physical stretching/ yoga each morning, then do this one technique – and with it things become so much clearer and it feels like there is more space in my day as it brings the key goals Im working towards to the forefront, whereas they could before get buried under the usual pile of ‘small stuff’ we each have to take care of each day.

So I filmed this video as I started my last day in Bali on this method that I include in my Early Morning Matters tip for you. It was definitely great for me to include that last busy day, and on so many days when I have lots to juggle, as it helps me simplify my long to-do list of many small things, and include the key ones that really matter first.

I hope you enjoy this, and I’d love to hear below how you find this when you try it?

With love,
Cassandra Punita x

P.S. I just landed in London after my month in Bali (and longer in Australia), and I wrote this for you on my long flight back to the north again….
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