This is a key area that can limit us and includes Backs, Necks, Coccyx, Hips, Knees & Legs.

Back/Neck pain is the most common problem worldwide, and during our lives most of us will suffer from it at some time, yet treating it can seem impossible. Yet there are solutions. If the channels that feed energy to these areas are opened to flow again then pain can be cleared, often very fast, and the body can start to regain it’s strength and flexibility. Sometimes, especially with very difficult cases where people have tried everything else, one must look deeper than the channels, to find and heal deeper issues. Then their problems can finally be resolved, and permanently.


We live at such a frantic pace, multi-tasking so many things that burnout is now common, especially in stressful work situations, and amongst corporates, entrepreneurs and shift workers.

It can have lifelong affects on our body if we just keep on pushing through. Tiredness and low energy are more common, and don’t need to be limiting our lives. You can fully recover from burnout.


These areas of life are key to enjoying the relationship and family we are all looking for – and yet I see so many people who have challenges in them. They are very common, and yet we often feel we are the only one with them. They are private and difficult to share so we can try and ignore them.

Sex – Sexual problems can vary from lack of energy in men (ED), to pain or difficulty orgasming in women, and there are natural solutions so you can regain your confidence.

Love – Heartbreak, difficult relationships have happened to many people. The problem is when the emotions from these become locked in the cells of our bodies, then we may find the past keep repeating, and that it’s difficult to trust again, and so to enjoy a wonderful relationship.

Is your heart longing for a baby of your own, yet you haven’t been able to easily conceive naturally?

Fertility – Worried that you might have left it too late? I can help. Fertility issues are increasing in the West as many of us wait till our 30’s and 40’s to start a family. Then add the stress of work, our modern lifestyle. Sometimes if these has been abuse then deep issues may need to be healed and then one can conceive easily, and often very fast.


“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi 13thC Sufi poet

It can feel like we will never be free of them, to be at peace and enjoy life now without their shadow. Yet the change can be so powerful when they are cleared energetically from the cells of our body. You become free of the past. You can live a full, happy, fulfilled life again. You can live at your best.

• Do you seem blocked from enjoying success – in key areas like relationships, career, inner peace, money or self-confidence?

• Feel like there is a wall blocking you from realising your dreams?

• Do unhealthy relationships of any type, keep recurring in your life, even when you have decided to change them?

• Are emotions like fear, worry, anger or sadness constant in your life, even when there seems to be no cause for them now?

These barriers can have many causes – from challenging, threatening and traumatic situations, to habitual emotions or ways of looking at the world, yet most come from the past, not from what is happening in your life now.

Do you realise that past accidents, fear, shock, trauma, conditioning and loss can become locked in the cells of our body and keep affecting us long after they are over?

Sometimes their affects are obvious, an instinctual physical reaction when we feel threatened, though for most, the ongoing affects can be more hidden and can slowly undermine our confidence, trust and happiness. We may be aware of them always with us, like a shadow we can never be free of.  Or there may seem no cause for what isn’t working in our life. In these cases it comes often from an old trauma we have forgotten in our mind, but not in our body.

The reason past challenges keep affecting us is that deep traumas and experiences can become trapped in the very cells of our bodies. And when we carry these within us, they colour our whole life. They become the filter through which we experience, see and re-act to the world.

Words cannot clear them alone. Before we can be free to fully live our life, these deep and often hidden issues need to be brought up from the dark, into the light. A deep transformation has to happen in the very cells of your body so the past can be released, cleared, forgiven and let go, and then it is possible to transform them into new strengths we can carry into a potential-filled future.

This can happen in the powerful process’ of Healing the Deep.

Once these past issues are cleared from your body, the change in your life can be so powerful that you may feel like you are not the same again. Old limitations and barriers drop away, energy and joy returns, luck and new opportunities arrive, you feel confident, happy to be you and free of the limitations of the past. You can finally live a full, happy and fulfilling life. 

“ It was great to see you in beautiful healing energy of Provence. Already on my way home I felt great shifts in my own sovereignty and free will. Honestly, I didn’t bargain for such a great shift, especially the realisation that I have total free will over my mind and the feelings in my body. I had previously treated deep conditioning as “ultimate truths”, and  now I realise that everything can be healed.”   Ken H. * Private Metamorphis Program client, UK

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