(vlog) How to Easily Lose Fear of Public Speaking


(Bali Vlog) 5 min Dawn Courage & Night Sleep Yoga

The ancient understandings of yoga have been shared in India for thousands of years, and around the world, and these poses can really support you in many ways. Whenever I’m in Bali (as I was for [...]


Postcard from Provence – The Science & Benefits of Grounding

Like to join me and try this on this beach near St Tropez, Provence? Most of us are happy to walk on the beach barefoot. Or maybe you would do this anywhere. Or never. We have ideas about where [...]


Bali Relax Yoga – 3 Min way to De-Stress Your Body

Do you ever find yourself at the end of a busy day, ready to unwind and relax, yet finding your body seems to have forgotten how? 

This is where ancient physical practices that deeply understand [...]

(Vlog) Finding Calm in Wildfire, & Other Scary Times

I flew down to Australia last week for a short two-week visit to my parents – and arrived to a sudden state-wide emergency. 93 wildfires had broken out in NSW alone! (Bushfires as they call [...]


(Vlog) Our Lost Instinct – How to free yourself!

Have you noticed what animals do when they have gone through an intensely stressful situation? It’s curious, but this instinct quickly frees them from what happened. For they are in touch with [...]


(Vlog) Like an Easier Life?

Do you wake up some days and just wish your life was a bit easier? To feel less like your life is in hyperdrive, to have less stress, uncompleted tasks, or just not so many things pulling your [...]


(vlog) Ready to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking?

Which terrifies you more – the idea of public speaking, or of dying? There has been research into people’s biggest fears and public speaking is very high up there for most of us. (I [...]


(DIY) Help Your Lungs & Personal Boundaries

Do you notice your breathing often? It is so automatic for us all that its easy to only notice it once in a while. Yet, try pausing a moment now….. and just feel your breathing. How does it [...]


(DIY Vlog) Tone your Back & Belly in 5 min a Day!

This week I have been running a retreat in Provence with a yoga teacher called Jeni Howland – and it was such a beautiful and amazing experience! Lovely people, close connections, [...]

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