Ways you can work with Cassandra Punita James……

Clinics are an opportunity to experience the difference Cassandra Punita could make for you.

Clinic Sessions are experience the depth of the work possible with Cassandra Punita. People come from locally and from overseas to these clinics in London, Bristol, Holland, Ireland and at Osho Leela Festivals in Dorset. She has clinics are in central London 3 days a week in spring and autumn.  (Contact Cassandra for details.)

Introductory Discount Session available – experience the difference a session with Cassandra Punita can make for you for at a special price.

Cassandra Punita James’ clinics are:


Most months she has a 2-3 day clinic in Covent Garden, London. To book a session, please click on the buttons below to be taken to our Timetrade availability calendar, where you can choose a suitable time. Payment will be taken in person on the day.


This is a week-long clinic, run every 2-3 months (at Humaniversity in Egmond an Zee), just outside Amsterdam. To book a session please click the button below to get in touch and we can notify you of available dates.



Pop-up clinics are a new option. These are where one of Cassandra’s clients invites her to their country, and arranges a clinic. Recently these have happened in Barcelona, Dublin, Nth Italy & Sydney.



Cassandra Punita also runs specialty clinics at the regular Conscious Sexuality Festivals at Osho Leela in Dorset UK. These clinics focus on Sex, Love & Fertility issues.


Private Retreats

It is so easy to postpone taking care of ourselves, yet just a few days could make all the difference.

Imagine how different your life would be if you woke each day feeling pain-free, happy, energized and in flow!

As one of Cassandra’s clients shared so honestly– ‘I had just become so used to pain and discomfort that I thought it was normal, and had forgotten what it was like to live a better and more healthy life.’

Instead, how would it feel to give yourself… a rare gift of time and space, just for you.
An opportunity to shift a pain or a pattern that you have kept pushing aside, but does not seem to be able to clear on it’s own. Private Retreats with Cassandra Punita James can make these possible.

There are two options for private retreats:


This is a chance to join Cassandra in beautiful SW England (or a few other locations) for 24 hours where she will work exclusively with you to focus intensively on shifting one particular physical or emotional issue that you feel is holding you back from living a better and healthier life.

These are very powerful as they are run over 2 days (an afternoon and the following morning) and there is a depth of healing and transformation possible in them that can never happen in clinic sessions.



Private ‘Healing the Deep’ Retreats are powerful, unique and healing. They are a rare opportunity to give a few days just to you, time to clear physical or emotional problems at a deep level, so your life can move back into flow.

These 3 Day Private Retreats are available in Provence, Bali, UK and Australia. The retreats in Provence are available in May and June each year, and are the most popular for this deep work as this idyllic lifestyle and powerful land makes retreats here even deeper.


Exhaustion to Clarity, Pain Gone & Revitalised Energy!

My initial session was so healing I signed up for a Breakthrough Intensive, which has been hugely helpful in all aspects of my life.

I experienced a sense of clarity and revitalised energy through my whole body, relief for my main problem, and so much more.

Sundari Harden, Spain
24 Hr Breakthrough Intensive client

Profound & Life-Changing, Intense Neck Pain No Longer Troubles Me

I experienced profound and life changing results from working for longer on issues in a 3 Day Private Healing the Deep Retreat with Cassandra Punita, as opposed to taking occasional shorter sessions.

My health took a quantum leap in the right direction after, for example, one issue was an intense neck pain that has affected my health for half of my life … Now, this no longer troubles me, and my life has changed as a result!

Darren, UK
3 Day Private Healing the Deep Retreat client


These are Cassandra’s top programs, and are the deepest and most powerful way she works with people. She dedicates time and continuous energetic support to her Private Platinum VIP clients, so she only has 2-3 program places available at any one time.

People who join Platinum VIP usually come to clear a challenging physical problem (often one they have found no solution for elsewhere), and emotional/career/confidence challenges.

• Monthly private retreats with Cassandra in beautiful locations, (in this bespoke program retreat dates and locations can adapt to your calendar and hers)
• Cassandra’s continuous energetic support through the 3-4 months.
• Weekly private calls.
• Other bonus’ to help all areas of your life shift into flow.>

The Platinum VIP Program is by invitation only. If you are interested – message Cassandra Punita to arrange a call to find out what it takes to be invited, explore what could be possible in this program for you and when space will next be available.


Spine & Head Injury, No Energy to Wonderful Transformation. Can Work & Socialise Again!

After several bad injuries impacting my spine, including an accident with light brain damage, I came to Cassandra with such low energy and daily headaches that I was unable to work, socialize and do sports.

Now, thanks to a 3 month Private VIP Program, I have returned to work, and can go out socially again. This has given me a powerful confidence in the future towards my social & ove life, health and career. It was great working with you. Merci beaucoup!!!

Johan, Netherlands
3 month Private VIP Program client 

Private VIP Treatment Programs – anywhere in the world

Cassandra offers Private VIP Treatment Programs for a select few VIP clients around the world, in between the rest of her schedule.

These are a unique opportunity to receive powerful and effective treatment for challenging physical or emotional health issues in the privacy of your own residence, a holiday home, resort, yacht or hospital.

She has been invited by VIP’s around the world to help them, and their families and team members. Problems treated during these programs often include cases where no other medical options have provided an answer, extremely urgent conditions and ones where client privacy is paramount.

Her VIP clients include:
• Founders of major companies who want to still work, or holiday, between treatments.
• VIP’s who want her help in the privacy and security of their own residences or yachts.
• People looking for alternative solutions for a family member too sick to travel.

VIP treatment programs are bespoke and designed around the physical and emotional needs, health, and schedule and location of the client. When travelling overseas to work with a client, the programs will usually last anywhere from one to three weeks, during which time Cassandra will work with them exclusively. The programs also include downtime for rest and treatment assimilation.



Cassandra has run Private VIP Treatment Programs for client’s in St Tropez, Bahrain, Roumania, Sandbanks (UK) and Monaco.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed. Therefore no testimonials are available for this program.


Imagine escaping for a holiday with purpose…

(Love the idea and want to know more? – Message us today and be first of hear details of the next retreat we are planning!)

Imagine 5 days just for you.

A chance to – Unwind. Explore. Learn. Dream. Stretch. Indulge. Laugh. Relax. Renew. Feel Healthy. Feel Happy. Feel Amazing.

Discover how your life can come back into flow, and easily!

Next summer you could join a group of like-minded new friends to discover how Yoga, Meditation, Delicious Local and Organic Food, Inspiring Views, Time in the Sun, Space for Yourself and the relaxation of La Belle Vie life in the sun can help you re-boot your life.

Just 5 days to discover a new inner balance, happiness, energy and easy ways to live in flow again. Ways that can keep supporting you feeling this way after you return home!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see you even if I cant come to a clinic?

Answer – Yes there are other ways you can work with me even if you cannot come to the clinics above.

  • Phone sessions – These are available for counseling and wellness support. Message me for more details.
  • Private Retreats – This is the option if you are looking for a totally personalised and intensive program to completely change your health, work and life. Run in a boutique hotel in Provence, SW England or other locations, these are an opportunity for me to work exclusively with you for a depth of healing and life transformation never possible in clinic sessions. Click Here for more details.
Where are your regular clinics run?

Answer – These are for locals in that country, and people also fly in from elsewhere in Europe for a series of sessions over a few days.

London, UK: Most months I run a 3-4 clinic in Covent Garden, London.

Holland: I run a clinic for 5-7 days every 2-3 months in Egmond an Zee in Holland.

Pop-Up Clinics elsewhere: I also run pop-up clinics for a few days to a week in other countries including – Barcelona, Spain. Dublin, Ireland. Nth Italy. Sydney, Australia. And other locations.

Message me to find where my upcoming clinics will be.

Festival Clinics: I run clinics specialising in at Sex, Love & Fertility issues at the regular Conscious Sexuality Festivals at Osho Leela in Dorset UK. Contact me for details of these or other Festivals I will be working at.

What is the cost for a session?

Answer – I am based in the UK so my work is charged in £’s, or the equivalent in the local currency for pop-up clinics in other countries.

In my clinics my sessions are £98 p/hr. 1.5 hr sessions are also available. 1 hour sessions (for £98) are also available. First sessions need to be 1.5 hours so we have enough time to go into the history of your problem, and start to make a real difference for you.

People come to my clinics for introductory sessions, and then most upgrade to a Clinic Package of sessions, planned around their particular issue(s), or to a Private Retreat or Private Gold Program where it’s possible to make changes they are looking for in a shorter time, and at a depth not even possible in casual clinic sessions. To find out more about these programs, click here.

What type of clothes should I wear to a session?

Answer – You can wear any clothes, though if we are working on a problem in your hips, knees, legs, or a sexual problem or fertility issue, then please have some comfortable trousers or ¾ length workout pants to wear during the session.

Before you lie on the table I just ask you to remove your shoes, and any belt or glasses you may be wearing.

Will I feel anything during the treatment?

Answer – This does depends on each person, and the issue we are treating. Many clients find it very interesting if they feel a sensation in the energy channels, points or an organ as they are being cleared. These are felt as coolness, warmth or tingling. You may even feel the energy move up a channel as it opens, and as the long ones run from your toes to your head, this can feel amazing. It is not at all an unpleasant sensation. People also feel the lightness when something emotional clears from their body.

People rarely feel discomfort during a session. It can happen if their is an old injury that has to be opened energetically so the long-term pain they have been experiencing can be cleared, and even then any sensation is fleeting. Most clients say they find it fascinating to start to feel their energy system, and I have acupuncturists who come for sessions just to feel the meridians and other energetic channels, as is not possible to feel them when being treated with needles.

Can I see you if I’m receiving other treatment?

Answer – Mostly you can as these are complimentary treatments, and can support and enhance (plus reduce the side affects of) most other treatments. In fact doctors have support their clients seeing me while they were going through IVF, pre and post operations and other treatments as they have seen the benefits their clients were receiving from having sessions with me at the same time.

However, there are some treatments that are best not to combine with this work. This especially applies to having any bodywork while we are clearing a physical pain as they can affect the work we are doing.

You can ask me what I recommend specifically for you when you see me, or in a message beforehand.

What happens in a session?

Answer – Every person is an individual, and so the sessions are tailored to your specific needs. To begin we will talk about the problem(s) you have come to see me about, the symptoms you are experiencing now and in the past, and the history of any other treatments you might have tried before and if they helped.

We will then begin the treatment. Usually on a treatment table (during sessions clients remain fully clothed) and I will start to clear the blocked energetic centers and channels in the body causing your problem(s). You can talk with me during the treatment and ask any questions that come up.

At the end I will explain what I see as the problem and will recommend treatment options for your specific issues(s).

What specific problems can you help?

Answer – I specialize in treating people in four main areas, and below are details of the types of problems that I have successfully helped people with.

Back & Leg Pain Problems, includes issues with:

  • Neck – Pain, stiffness (some as severe as a VIP client of mine whose doctor said he needed a number of neck vertebrae replaced with a titanium cage. I cleared the pain so he didn’t need surgery.)
  • Back & Spine – Problems here can affect all areas of our life. And they get worse as we age. Don’t ignore them!
  • Coccyx – Injuries here can have a weakening affect on men’s sexual energy, and cause problems here and up the spine. They are treatable.
  • Hips – Tightness, pain. This is also an important aspect in the pre-pregnancy program I offer for an easier birth.
  • Knees – weakness, stiffness, pain. Healthy knees are essential. Hard to clear problems can be resolved.
  • Leg/Foot numbness – caused by lack of flow in meridians
  • Sciatica – this pain runs in 2 meridians, and can be cleared.
  • Difficult Problems other medicine has trouble treating – mysterious problems and pain are in energy channels, and can be treated from these.


Low Energy & Burnout, includes issues with:

  • Stress – this is so common in modern life that we accept it, however it causes long term damage to our body if not reduced.
  • Panic Attacks – connected to stress and change these can be overwhelming and life limiting without treatment.
  • Chronic Exhaustion & Low Energy – there are surprising causes for these, and they can be easily rebalanced. Life with energy can be easy again.
  • Burnout – this is a big problem in companies, yet a solvable one. Treatment includes some lifestyle and work structure adjustments, and rebuilding body energy.


Sex, Love & Fertility Problems, includes issues with:

  • Men’s Sexual Issues – ED (erectile dysfunction), low libido, pain.
  • Women’s Sexual Issues – inability to orgasm, pain, dryness, low libido.
  • Love – we all dream of loving relationships, however for many people a broken heart, past challenge, trauma or loss of trust can block new possibilities. These can be cleared.
  • Fertility – people still long for a family however we now start later, and combined with stress, busy work, and blocks in the energy body explains why infertility is such a big problem now. I offer packages to help people clear these problems so they can conceive, naturally.


Emotional Blocks, Fears, PTS & Trauma, includes:

  • Emotional Blocks – these appear in many areas of life from love and trust to money and career. It can cause; long term sadness, grief, loss & heartache. Emotional instability. Inability to fully enjoy life. Long-term anger, frustration or resentment. Money challenges. Work success blocked. Trouble expressing true self. Lost, unsure of right path.                                               These issues come from deep within us and are hard to change on our own, yet they can be cleared energywork, forgiveness and 180˚ new vision.
  • Fears – we all feel fear, it is our teacher, yet it can take over so we feel afraid when there is no danger, and then life becomes very stressful. There are two areas of the body where it is held and your life can be transformed when it is freed from these and we respond to life around us as it actually is. It can even be linked to trauma one’s family went through. The last war in Europe is still affecting people now.
  • PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) – extreme fear from dangerous situations can lock our body into continuing to react as though to danger long after the threat has gone. There are deep ways to clear this from the body.
  • Trauma – I have worked with many people who experienced extreme trauma, as children or adults, from sexual or emotional abuse to other traumatic situations. These are held very deep in the body and have to cleared with great sensitivity and patience so the whole body can feel safe, and able to relax and trust life again.

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