Johan*, Netherlands
Private Gold Alchemy Program client

*This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym & stock photo has been used.

Spine & Head Injury, No Energy to Wonderful Transformation. Can Work & Socialise Again!

“Thank you so much for this wonderful, super insightful transformation in both my physical health and emotional side (learning to interpret my intuition).

Concerning the physical problems:
After several bad injuries impacting my spine, including an accident with light brain damage, I came to Cassandra with such low energy and daily headaches that I was unable to work, socialize and do sports.

Thanks to the 3 month Private Gold Alchemy Program I am now able to do so much more during the day including returning to work, and be able to go out again. Also, you’ve convinced me to eat healthier and that has contributed to more energy too!

Concerning the emotional part:
You’ve revealed emotions I did not even know were under the surface, and subsequently cleared them. I’ve learned to become more positive and keep an open heart at all times.

All those things have led to a solid foundation for a sustainable energy. From here I can undertake the activities in which I experience flow – thanks so much for having facilitated the process to uncover them!

This has given me a powerful confidence in the future towards both social & love life, health and career.

I admire your eternal good mood and ultra-positive outlook on life. Moreover, its truly remarkable how for almost any situation or story you have advice or remarks that make a difference, small or big. Your openness towards any subject is really fabulous, which made me feel comfortable to discuss any worry or emotion.

It was great working with you. Merci beaucoup!!!”

Lucy*, Australia
Clinic Program client

*This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym has been used.

Found Real Essence of Myself. On My Feet & Living in My Heart Again!

“Treatments with you Cassandra bring me to the most simple and real essence of myself.  It is incredible how much everyday life can let my mind and energy run all over the place.  A session with you is like finding my feet again in this crazy, busy world.  You have a special gift to share, and thank you for helping me to live through my heart instead of my head!”

Veeresh, Netherlands
Founder and President of the Humaniversity

I Healed Chronic Sciatica, & Many Other Issues…

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to recommend the work that is being done by Cassandra Punita.

Over the years she has given me over 30 sessions on a range of issues (physical and emotional). In them I was able to look at, and resolve, many early issues in my life, which I now realise had affected my body, and some had contributed towards my chronic sciatica (which she also gave me sessions for).

These issues included:
• Feelings of guilt, shame and dishonor towards my father for having been a drug addict from the age of 14 till 28. Now, even though he is dead, I know he is proud of what I have accomplished in my life.

• The rage I kept for my alcoholic stepfather who abused me and my mother as I was growing up. I learnt that I could forgive him, and admit that I also loved him.

• The anger I felt for my former girlfriend when we had a son together, and she left with him for Brazil. I felt I wasn’t a good father and had abandoned him. Today I can let go of my reactions, and my ex-girlfriend and I are now friends. I am not living with my son, but I know that my love for him is enough, and I haven’t failed him as a father.

• The death of my master Osho, which left me sad, longing and grieving for 20 years. Today I can accept his death.

• In a recent session, I discovered that the tension in the upper part of my body is the result of fear and control, to survive growing up. Now I can relax, because there is no need any more to defend myself.

I experienced Cassandra Punita not only as an excellent practitioner, teacher and health advisor but also as a very loving and caring friend. Her warm smile always gives me the feeling that it’s going to be all right. If you have a chance to work with her you will understand what I mean.”

Delia*, Germany
Clinic Program client

*This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym has been used.

Highly skilled and intuitive Therapist

“I have experienced many different techniques of therapy, massage, and healing in my life. … however, rarely did I actually sense such a strong and lasting effect of the treatment sessions in any of my previous experiences.

I found Cassandra to be a highly skilled and intuitive Therapist, who knows what she is doing, with a big heart. She has my highest recommendation.”

Marta L., Italy
24 Hour Breakthrough Intensive client  

From Post Natal Depression, to Laughing and Energised Again!

“I want to share something that can be very useful and precious.

“I was very down and depressed after giving birth so I joined a dear friend Cassandra in Provence for a private 24 Breakthrough Intensive. She treated me with AcuEnergetics plus her experience and super care (for post natal depression).

“After a very difficult year I am happy and energized. My brain is working again, and my heart as well. I have fun and laugh and also ordinary things are not so heavy as they were.

I want to share this so that anyone who has a problem with health, money, relationship etc.. has a chance to solve it and be happy.”

Sambodhi – Egmond aan Zee, Holland
Clinic Program client

Difficult Relationship with Sister, Forgave, Hidden Block Cleared – Now Love and Respect Each Other! 

“I had a session with Cassandra Punita to work on my relationship with my sister. The relationship had been difficult over the last years, and especially since our mother died in 2006. We were ending up in fights, I was very criticizing towards her and often felt misunderstood.

Surprisingly I found out in the session that I was holding on to anger towards my sister for something that had happened 24 years ago, when my sister had moved with her family to Spain. As my sister was 12 years older she had always been my “second mom”. Their departure was quite devastating, but I never saw my anger connected to the hurt.

In the session I forgave my sister. It was powerful and relieving. I discovered I had been closing my heart towards my sister ever since without even knowing it.

A few days later I shared with my sister about the session. She felt so grateful as she could always sense I was holding on to an un-finished business and she couldn’t say what it was.

We could finally meet as two grown up women and give each other love and respect. I’m looking forward to meet her next week with new eyes and an open heart. Thank you Cassandra….”

Hendrick*, Netherlands
 3 Day Healing the Deep Retreat – Provence  

 I Really Recommend this Program. It’s a Breakthrough in My Life! 

“I want to share some words about the experience I had on the 3 day Private Retreat I had here in Provence with Cassandra Punita. I’m really proud and grateful for what I learnt in these 3 days, so many insights, so much letting go on my past and I’m really touched in my heart it happened. I can really recommend you all this program. I think it’s a breakthrough in my life and I’m really trustful that I will make steps now to go for what I really want in my life.

I have experienced Cassandra as a very sincere person, a very heartful person, and she gives much more than I expected.”

*This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym & stock photo has been used.

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