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I’m curious – have you found an easy way balance relaxed living and the exited rush of the usual intense everyday life?

Do you find yourself separating them into holidays and back at work/home – or found a way to balance them more often?

Today I’m sharing two of my tips to bring both into your life, more easily, and wherever you are – a balance I really enjoy.

Yesterday I was walking back to my villa on a narrow path through the rice fields here in Ubud, Bali, when suddenly the sky grew dark and torrential rain began falling. I had my computer with me as I’d been working in a cafe with good wifi, so trying to protect it, I ducked under the narrow thatched verandah of a small local food stall and sheltered there while the rain bucketed down.

The owner welcomed me in, and we exchanged the usual Balinese greeting questions, me in my basic Indonesian, till the rain eased off. In these questions they ask how you were, and one always answers ‘baik’ meaning good, or ‘baik baik’ meaning very good. Then where you are from, and where going to. Just ‘walking’ is a great answer to this one.
The questions rarely vary, but it’s the connection that comes from them that matters. They meet you with heart.

One of the reasons people from the West so love coming here, as well as the beauty everywhere, is that in Bali people live a slow and relaxed life. They live more in the moment, with enough free time to pause and connect totally with a stranger passing their stall, in a rice field or on while walking one of the narrow paths.

After the rain ceased I said farewell to my new friend and I walked on home, and our connection, and all the other similar connections I have each day here, got me thinking about how the Balinese balance their lives so well, and how so much busier our lives in the West have become.

Sure I still love the exciting, stimulating fast pace that can be found in cities, or when I have big projects on.

And, like you too I’m sure, I also love a life that is slower. That celebrates small things, where there is time to connect, to be mindful, to relax with friends. And this slower-paced life is found in places like Bali, Provence other warm, living-the-good-life regions.

Can we include both in our lives?

The common way is where we have a week or two’s holiday, then work hard for months in between – but this can be exhausting.

Then there are other ways – from living in Bali and other slow places, I found ways to blend and balance these, and am sharing these in this video.

For you from a rice field in Bali

Bali, like so many of the tropical and hot weather counties I’ve lived in (Hawaii, Mediterranean, Mediterranean, tropical far north of Australia, India), has a super relaxed and slower paced life. People are more present – they are happy to take time to chat, to connect, to savour a meal, and are so in the moment as they pause many times a day to place offering of woven palm leaves, flowers and rice out for the Gods. They can be doing this often on busy roads, blessing the offering with holy water on a flower and saying a prayer to maintain balance into their world. It is beautiful to watch. They do this with such grace as they are so fully present in their action.

In the West we do find it harder to be present, packing so much into our lives, and rushing through them, that it’s hard to find time to be slow, until we go on holiday.
Certainly places like Bali and other beautiful warm climate regions are wonderful for holidays. They so help us relax in the warmth and the gentle pace of life.

I’m in Bali this month working on my business – revisioning and creating new content, and I find it such a special place to do this in.
(It also helps when I can get a beautiful massage each day and easy healthy meals in a local rice field cafe.)

When I was telling an entrepreneur friend in Europe about my rather ambitious plans for all I’m hoping to do here for my business this month – she asked …how could you do that, won’t you just go into holiday mode once you are here, so get nothing done?

It was a great comment and got me thinking…

Yes I can work well even in the beautiful places where most people go for holidays because all my life I have lived much of my time in places like this, and because of this I have worked out a rhythm for immersing myself in the relaxing beauty of them, and still setting aside lots of productive time to work while Im here.

What about you – is it easy for you to combine these?
Or a challenge.

Do you think you could rebalance things in your life to include a way to nourish you in your busy day to day world, so you could enjoy your life between holidays too?

I have found that a way to bring some of the slow energy into my life when Im working in busier places (like London and elsewhere in Northern Europe). One that helps me remain more relaxed, like I was still in a beautiful location, and also allows me to stay longer in holiday locations like Bali by enjoying them while I can work here too.
Hint – your right timing is big part part of the key.

This is what I’m sharing in today’s video. I hope you enjoy it from Bali. It’s on how holiday places like Bali have helped me balance my life more, even when I’m in intense cities and other crazy busy times in my life.

With love

Cassandra Punita

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