(Vlog) Are you one of the 70% experiencing this?

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Are you one of the 70% of us experiencing this? 70% (even more) of us will have some kind of spine pain at some point in our life. It can show up as Neck, Back, Sacral or Coccyx pain, and these all come from a lack of flow (energetic and physical) in our spine and the surrounding areas. This lack of flow can be caused by accidents, illness or trauma.

I had it too when I was a young kid. Mine was neck pain with headaches that came and went over the years. I learnt how to relax, which helped, and then eventually got mine treated by a colleague, though not till I was in my 40’s. This was huge relief and much more became possible for me once it was gone.

How about you? Are you experiencing any pain or weakness in your spine?

Our spine, and the invisible and visible channels running through and from it, are so crucial to our whole life. It is key for supporting all of our body – our organs, our energy and our capacity for clear thinking and a sharp-minded brain.

Last month I was thinking on this while I was back in Provence briefly, so filmed this video for you about it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this….

With love

Cassandra Punita

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My name is Cassandra Punita James – Freedom Archaeologist. Transition Consultant. Entrepreneurial Healer. Nomad.
UK | Europe | Bali | Australia
I love adventure and change (I live between a few countries ) as it helps keep me more alert and alive, and I know how important it is to stay grounded in our body and to the earth, to take slow time, sit in nature so we can recharge.
These opposites are in all my work as I help people nourish and renew their bodies, clear inner obstacles at a cellular level, take courageous steps in their lives so they are living more fully, boldly, and have the momentum to make big dreams and goals happen.
So as well as these videos, I offer –
• Online membership with members from around the world could be for you. ‘The Courageous Way’ – From Doubt & Delaying to Clarity and Results. ‘Pocket Buddha’ – tiny meditation habits for busy people
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• Private 3-day ‘Healing the Deep’ Retreats. Meet me in a beautiful location for deep, life and work-transforming work. In these I specialise in treating – Back, Neck, and Lower Body Pain; Sex, Love & Fertility Problems; Stress, Burnout, PTSD, letting go old Fears; Finding Clarity & Opening New Doors in Work & Life.
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