Like to easily Boost your Energy in just 2 min?

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I hope you enjoyed a lovely time with the spring energy (or late summer if you’re in the south), and hanging out with people you care for….

Yes Spring is now totally here in the north of our planet! Even though it still feels like there are way too many wet and grey days between the sun-filled ones like today.
I was in Holland this week where fields of flowers were starting to come out, and everywhere new life is bursting out…
(Though there were no fields of flowers out yet close to where I was staying, which I was hoping to have as a backdrop, so instead I filmed my video for you amongst small and rugged windswept sand-dune trees.)

Spring means this is the highest energy time of the year in the natural world….So how are your energy levels now?

Is your body feeling alive and energised too?

Or are you feeling more tired, run-down, or close to burnout?
Maybe anxiety has been slowing you down, or an over-busy mind.

If any of the later challenges sounds like you, or also if you’re feeling good and would just like even more smooth strong energy,
then I have an easy energy-boosting tip you can try in today’s video, ideal for tapping into spring’s energy…

Like to easily Boost your Energy in just 2 min?

Abundant energy is our body’s natural state, the way it wants us to feel so we have the essential fuel for our dreams and our passions, for physical wellbeing….yet it’s so easy in our frantic, super busy, digitally demanding world that we can find ourselves feeling drained and tired, and no longer have the energy we need to enjoy and live our life to the fullest, to share all we want to in our life.

I know this well from my life experiences (yes I’ve had super tired times too!) and from what I have seen my clients around the world going through, that having the right type energy (smooth, abundant, steady, relaxed) and enough of it so it lasts all your day – is so key to living our lives fully, key to creating and doing more in our work, key to living full, rich and happy lives.

And yet there are so many things in our world that can deplete our energy:

  • Attention grabbing of digital devices that we are often on all day, and we depend on so much now
  • Noise or Light pollution
  • Disturbed Sleep
  • Disconnection from Nature
  • Not enough time in the Sun
  • Quality of Food we eat
  • How we Breathe
  • Lack of Time-out for ourselves, and many more….

So if you’ve been feeling exhausted, at risk of burning out, or still trying to recover from it, or just would like to have energy to live even more at your peak, then you’re not alone.
It’s one of the biggest challenges people experience around the world.

Take a few minutes then and watch my video for you today – it’s a super simple step you can do any time, and yes it will help give you an energy boost.

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂
And do reply to this email if you’d like to share how your energy is and what about yours challenges you…

With love,

Cassandra Punita x


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