Like to easily Boost your Energy in just 2 min?

I hope you enjoyed a lovely time with the spring energy (or late summer if you’re in the south), and hanging out with people you care for…. Yes Spring is now totally here in the north [...]


(Bali Vlog) 5 min Dawn Courage & Night Sleep Yoga

The ancient understandings of yoga have been shared in India for thousands of years, and around the world, and these poses can really support you in many ways. Whenever I’m in Bali (as I was for [...]


(Bushfire Vlog) On Surviving Times of Sudden Change & Challenge

For the last three weeks, I’ve been caught up in the bushfires in Australia. It was a very intense way to start 2020. So today I wanted to share what it felt like as this sudden midnight bushfire [...]


(Vlog) The Joy of Small Moments

I love this week. It feels like a chance to pause, breath and relax in the space after Christmas and before the New Year begins. As you are probably on holiday too, I filmed you a short video on [...]


(Vlog) A Time of Your Own…

I’m curious – how do you begin your day? Do you start in a rush after waking from an alarm clock, maybe feeling you don’t seem to have enough time to do even the essentials for you [...]


(Blog) How to Shape-Shift Stress

I heard recently that ‘Stress’ is now the most searched health word on Google in most of US, and the 2nd most searched one in the UK. It’s not surprising, for most of us feel that life seems to [...]


(Vlog) Our Surprising Family Inheritance…

Most of us grew up hearing stories about our family, the close ones and more distant ancestors. Some may have been exciting stories of interesting adventures, some everyday ones, and maybe some [...]


(Vlog) The Hidden Energetic Anatomy of Hugs!

Do you like hugs? And even if you feel relaxed, or maybe sometimes a little awkward during them, have you noticed how afterward a hug you feel happier and more relaxed? There is a lot of [...]