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Oops, there was a tech problem with the link I sent you yesterday! Apologies.
Gremlins fixed now, so here is a working link to this, my latest video for you on – How sustainable is your life?

Have you ever had to postpone plans, change a direction in life because your energy just wasn’t up to all you wanted to do?

It was my birthday a few days ago and I had many things planned for that week – a gathering with friends, exploring SE English beaches, London clinics and an exciting new online project I’m working on.

But it all came to a sudden halt…
After two months of travelling, reconnecting and seeing clients through the heatwave in Provence with abundant energy, I came down with a kidney infection when I returned to the cooler north, and it showed me how much rest our kidneys need to recover.

Yes I paused, adjusted a few things in my work plans, and rested. Am now recovering and feeing much better, but it was a timely reminder of the importance of this topic – Sustainability. Not the usual kind, about the world around us….but instead, looking at how sustainable is our life, your life?

Our inner energy is the fuel for all we want to live, create and enjoy in life – and it’s so crucial to check in and see how ours is regularly. To see if small, or big, adjustments are needed to make our life sustainable for years to come…
Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 14.50.16.png
Part of Sustainability that is so easy to miss easy….

I hope you find this topic interesting too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

With love

Cassandra Punita

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My name is Cassandra Punita James – Freedom Archaeologist. Transition Consultant. Entrepreneurial Healer. Nomad.
UK | Europe | Bali | Australia
I love adventure and change (I live between a few countries ) as it helps keep me more alert and alive, and I know how important it is to stay grounded in our body and to the earth, to take slow time, sit in nature so we can recharge.
These opposites are in all my work as I help people nourish and renew their bodies, clear inner obstacles at a cellular level, take courageous steps in their lives so they are living more fully, boldly, and have the momentum to make big dreams and goals happen.
So as well as these videos, I offer –
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• Private 3-day ‘Healing the Deep’ Retreats. Meet me in a beautiful location for deep, life and work-transforming work. In these I specialise in treating – Back, Neck, and Lower Body Pain; Sex, Love & Fertility Problems; Stress, Burnout, PTSD, letting go old Fears; Finding Clarity & Opening New Doors in Work & Life.
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