The Hidden Force in Us All – Behind the Scenes Tip from Private Retreats

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Here in UK, it’s been a very sweet 4-day holiday weekend with celebrations across the country honouring the Queen for her 70 years dedication to her job – her Platinum Jubilee. Even people who aren’t so keen on having a monarchy have been sharing how much they respect her as a woman and her dedication to her role even at 96. This seems a deep strength and motivating force has empowered her through all these years with their ups and downs.

We all have strengths within us, sometimes visible and sometimes hidden. Then we also have other hidden forces, ones that we may not see yet can be having a huge affect on our lives from behind the scenes.

These hidden powerful forces are within us all, yet they can be hard to uncover and move beyond as they are often buried at a cellular, even DNA level (where they are ones we inherited from our ancestors).

These forces are what I’m exploring in today’s video for you as it’s a question that many of my Private Retreat clients have asked me…..

They were surprised, shocked, by the strength of these buried patterns and thoughts that surfaced for them during the retreat, ones they didn’t realise were there yet had been affecting their whole life.

Their question was – “How can I now feel these intense feelings, even feel physical reactions in my body, about events that happened so long ago, and where I’ve even done therapy or workshops about them before?”

Why does this happen?…. It’s because our body remembers and holds. It is trying to protect us from repeating past dangers, traumas and intense experiences – and this all happens in the very cells of our body, our unconscious, so we can find our life going down a totally different path to the one we’re dreaming of and trying to make happen. (These holdings can also weaken and lead to pain and health problems in our physical body too.)

Do you think you might have hidden forces at work within you? Would you like to move beyond these and finally make the plans and dreams you have for your life happen?

I’m sharing a way you can start this journey. This video is about a glimpse into this secret undercurrent that can be running our lives and taking is along paths we totally don’t want, and what can start to change this. These are at work until we bring these hidden patterns and fears out into the light, release their grip on our life, then we can see everything start to change around us almost without effort.

This is exactly what a client experienced after a retreat he joined me for in Provence – ” I found the more I left my mind behind and the more I surrendered to Cassandra’s healings, the more powerful the results. My transformation level accelerated exponentially when I joined intense Private Retreats as I was now getting exclusive focus from Cassandra Punita – I was literally astonished at discovering the far deeper level issues that appeared to have controlled every aspect of my life before, which had hitherto remained hidden and out of sight, even during the sessions I used to have in UK before.

Many of the shifts that happened during my Private Retreats were so subtle yet so profound. For example, I used to get frightened of beautiful women or powerful people but now I find inner stillness and ease which has totally changed the way I relate, (and my work is appreciating and honour me as never before). – K.B., UK

Yes releasing the deep grip of the past patterns from the very cells in your body can change everything (which is one reason why people come and join me for the depth possible in Private Retreats) – and you can start this journey with the tip I’m sharing here…

Have you been wondering how to step beyond repeating patterns in your life? Have a friend who might be looking for a solution to an issue like this, and you think they may find this helpful, then do Share it with them.

With love,

Cassandra Punita x

P.S. Are you wondering what a Private Retreat with me might uncover for you, and what doors it could clearing, healing, finding a clear path forward, open for you? Then I still have space for two more private retreats in Provence in July, or if you prefer not to travel, then back in the UK and maybe Ireland, from August on. ***Message me if you’re interested, and lets make a time to talk… P.S. Does the luxurious old English house look familiar? It’s a wonderful old manor house in West Somerset where the first few episodes of Great British Bake-Off were filmed and I ran some Private Retreats there. This is just one of the beautiful locations where Private Retreats can happen in UK and overseas – They can be honey-coloured stone converted farmhouses with a pool amongst vies and fields of lavender in Provence; boutique hotels or villas by rice paddies or the beach in Bali; houses with views of rivers or mountains in Australia; or converted barns or manor houses in the English countryside – wherever they are the places I pick for private retreats are unique and support your change.

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