(vlog) Ready to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking?

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Which terrifies you more – the idea of public speaking, or of dying?

There has been research into people’s biggest fears and public speaking is very high up there for most of us. (I think you’ll be surprised how people felt about the thought of dying. I’m sharing this interesting research in my vlog below.)

The idea of standing up in front of people, whether its a large crowd of strangers or a small group of friends, or being filmed, on TV or for a vlog, fills most of us with dread.
We can feel like a rabbit caught in headlights at the mere though of doing this, frozen and unable to think clearly, let alone talk.

I felt a bit like this some years ago when a mentor of mine suggested I start filming vlogs with tips for you, but I began practicing techniques I knew would help and my nervousness disappeared. I have been filming and sharing vlogs, plus giving talks to groups (like the Inspire’d Talk I gave in London last summer which I shared with you a few weeks ago) for almost 3 years now and I love doing them and feel very comfortable.

What made the difference for me?…..The tip I’m sharing with you today – how in 30 seconds you can feel relaxed speaking to a crowd. Do try it, it can make such a difference, and fast!

Play with this, and do share under this vlog how it goes for you. I would love to hear!

Why not share this vlog with a friend who has this challenge? See if it can help them too. 🙂

With love from hot Australia,

Cassandra Punita

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