(Vlog) On Summer Solstice & Feeling Even Happier

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How do you feel when you stand outside, close your eyes, and face the sun?
Joyous and uplifting isn’t it!

There is an energetic link between the sun and our hearts – the sun nourishes us, boost our health, boost our happiness, and much more…

The sun is the source of life for us and our planet. It gives us 95% of our vitamin D which keeps our bones strong and makes us healthier, it is key to recovering from depression, increases fertility, helps our teeth and, very importantly, it boosts our serotonin levels (the hormone in our brain that is linked to our mood) so our happiness and energy increase when we spend some time in the sun regularly – especially now, as it is midsummer this week when we have the most sunlit hours in the day.

In the northern hemisphere it is the summer solstice on the 21st June. A time of year we, and our ancestors, have all loved and celebrated for 1000’s of years because the sun is at it’s maximum and it can 
help us boost all areas of our life.
(What if you are in the southern hemisphere? –  then it will be winter solstice for you, the day with the least hours of sun in the year, and yes I am sharing some tips for you in this vlog too.)

Wherever you are on our planet, take some time each day to be in the sun – to feel and absorb its warmth, to let it boost your health, happiness, and illuminate and uplift your life.
You may want to try this early or late in the day in hot regions (like here in Provence), or in when the sun is high and warm if you are in a cooler area.

In today’s vlog I’m sharing more on this and how to make the most of this time, and expand your happier even more with the sun…. 

Have fun with this. Wishing you a wonderful solstice!
And do share this vlog if you think your friends might like to make the most of the sun too.

With love,

Cassandra Punita

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