(Vlog) On Love – and an unexpected step

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We are human.
Creatures of Love as the Talking Heads sang.
And as humans, our whole life journey is about exploring love, in all its many and varied forms.
Love for everything – our family, partners, pets, work, passions, sport, friends, our homes, gardens, food, music, smart phones, oceans, nature, our creativity. To be able to feel love deeper and deeper, more joyously, more totally.

Yet though we long for this, its can really feel hard to feel it some days.
So on those days, and for the easy happy days, I want to share something that I have found can help transform us, can lift the love we are experiencing to a whole new lighter and more fulfilling level.

This feeling of love can give wings to our feet, can take our breath away, can change everything.

In today’s vlog I’m sharing a seemingly illogical step, which I have found can transform how we feel love.

For it is the season of love here in England and Europe – it’s high summer! And though the sun comes and goes, it’s not very hot most days, can even be wet and muddy, it is festival time and I love the festivals as they are so joyous, so full of love.

I run clinics at a number of these, and the ones I go to the most are focused on love, conscious sexuality and loving and living our true selves.

So today I’m packing up my summer clothes (optimistically), a rain jacket, dancing shoes, and wellies, tomorrow I head off to my next festival. This one is at Osho Leela in Dorset, where I offer sessions, fittingly for this festival, on Love, Sex & Natural Fertility (as well as burnout, pain and other problems).
And before I leave I wanted to share this with you.

Yes I’m sorry it is a few days late – I must admit I was tired after the last event I was working at (in Humaniversity in Holland) – so had a few slow days over my birthday weekend, and today created this for you.

(Vlog) On Love – and an unexpected step

In this vlog I’m exploring about befriending something surprising, a way we can open to new possibilities, to greater love, and give it space to arrive so it can fill you – and with it can come experiences that can bring more love, more happiness. Ones that can take your breath away.

Hope you enjoy this! I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences with this. Do join in the conversation below the blog – add your thoughts.

And of course, feel free to Share this vlog with your friends you think might find this interesting…

With love,

Cassandra Punita

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