(Vlog) On Fearlessly Enjoying Every Moment

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Most of us will live such long lives, made up of millions and millions of moments, each filled with such potential, like an uncut and waiting rough jewel.

Yet it is so easy for us to often get caught up worrying about the future or the past, looking at life filtered through a deep cellular background fear about our survival, and then we miss what could be possible in each moment. And as we well know on our clear moments, the worries and fears we spend time trying to protect ourselves from, will rarely ever come true.

But while focusing on trying to protect ourselves, we will be missing out on the millions of amazing, tiny and potential-filled moments possible in every hour, every day, every year…

So the choice is ours.

How do you like to spend the millions of moments of possibility in your life?

I filmed this vlog for you on a lovely wild southern beach in Australia, to share a few easy steps I find help me to enjoy my millions of moments even more.

And I hope these help you to fully, totally and enjoy each of your moments.

For when we are really and fully present, then time can stretch, and as we enjoying each moment more, so they seem to fill and our lives will feel richer, deeper, have less fear and more joy.

On Fearlessly Enjoying Every Moment

William Blake expressed this so beautifully when he wrote:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour…”

Tomorrow I fly on to Bali for two weeks. Do look out for my vlogs and FaceBook Live videos from that lovely paradise island while I’m there.

I hope you enjoy this and I’d love to read your thoughts on the topic below this vlog…
And if you have a friend who you think may enjoy this, then of course, share it with them.

With love,

Cassandra Punita

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