(Vlog) Beyond Obstacles…tips for Chinese Year of the Dog

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Luckily as the year begins, we are really offered two chances to vision and set intentions for all we would love to have happened in the year to come.

The bonus New Year is the Chinese one, which I think is almost stronger energetically than tour usual new year, as the Chinese one is always aligned with the creative potential of the new moon.

This year the Chinese say will be a lucky, happy and prosperous one, but there are 3 things we need to be aware of in order to make the most of the potential available  – and these are what I’m exploring in this vlog.

The New Year coming will be in the sign of an Earth Dog, and it starts on the 16 February – so do watch this today so you can make the most of it.

One of the three keys I’m exploring in this vlog is to be aware of how we approach obstacles and challenges. Whether they are small ones, or feel like mountains blocking your path, this year there is a way you can overcome them with more ease.

For we all have obstacles in life, though which part of our life they show up in will vary over time, but they are there, and they bring us learning, and challenge us to approach situations differently. They are part of our journey, but that does not mean we have to live with them too long. If we can learn from them, master them quickly, then we can move on to new and more expansive possibilities.

Does this sounds familiar to you? What you are dreaming of for this year, what new possibilities would you like to find beyond the mountain, or small hills in your way now? I would love to hear what these could be for you – do share a word or two of these below.

I hope these tips for the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog inspire you to explore how you can make the most of all that can be available for you this year, and maybe open up to even more possibilities…

Do join in the conversation below – I would love to hear your thoughts.
And feel free to Share this with any friends you think could also enjoy it.

With love from cool, sunny Bristol,

Cassandra Punita x

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