(Vlog) Like an Easier Life?

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Do you wake up some days and just wish your life was a bit easier?

To feel less like your life is in hyperdrive, to have less stress, uncompleted tasks, or just not so many things pulling your attention and energy in different directions?

And instead, to feel happy and fulfilled with what you have accomplished and experienced by the end of each day, rather than just seeing tasks not done and an endlessly growing ‘to do’ list.

Enjoying an easier life should possible for all of us, yet I see in many of my clients, and from my experience in the past, how almost impossible this can feel.

Yet it is possible, and the shift comes when instead of racing, we slow down and start dropping into, totally immerse ourselves in, and be absolutely present in each and every moment, Being totally there in each thing we are doing, experiencing, feeling. Then everything can change.

I’ve been in Bali for the last two weeks, and tomorrow I fly back to UK to see everyone there, and before I leave this beautiful island I wanted to share this different approach to living and doing things that I see all around me when I’m here, as I think could really help you to enjoy an easier life.

The Balinese have a way they approach tasks that is so different to us, and I think you’ll enjoy it…

Like an easier life?

Hope you have fun with this and it helps your life feel easier. Do comment below and share what difference you see when you try it, and of course, share this with a friend you think might find this helpful too.

With love from an early tropical Balinese morning with birds and crickets are singing in the rice paddy below my varandah,

Cassandra Punita

P.S. Bonus tip!…Have you got into the habit of multi-tasking? Trying to juggle many things at the same time in an effort to save time?  Our minds love doing this as there is so much to think about and stress over and we feel like we are doing more, but research has shown that we aren’t even a little more productive when we do this, in fact we are much less.

Because really our minds can only do one thing at a time, so multi-tasking means we are just giving each task a fraction of our attention at a time and then switching to the next, with not enough attention to do any of them well. So try this Balinese approach instead, and see if it helps you have an easier life, like they enjoy here…

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