(Vlog) How to make your New Year plans real in 3 months!

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Happy New Year! – I hope 2017 is a fulfilling, expansive and wonderful year for you.

There is something so exciting about the start of a new year. These first few days and weeks of the new year have a different energy to the rest of the year, where it feels like there is the possibility to make big changes happen more than at other time.

Now is the time for us all to pause, to reconnect with what feels truest for us, look back at our last year and then take steps to realign ourselves and our life so what we start doing and being feels true and inspiring for us now.

Yet the challenge is often how to make our new year resolutions and goals actually happen! (Not watch them fall by the wayside as over 90% of people will over the next few months.) So in today’s video I’m sharing 4 tips that have really helped me, and others, make our new year resolutions happen. Hope they help you too.

Our resolutions can be about letting go of things that are no longer helping us, or introducing new things into our life. Often some of both.

In 2016 my goals were about changing one habit that was tiring my body (my many short flights within Europe), introducing an exciting new event (a group retreat in Provence) and moving my UK home to a less remote and more happening place.

So over 2016 I took trains instead of flying for the first 6 months of the year (between UK, Provence, Spain and Holland) and I love them. Trains are so relaxing, and only take a little longer. In June I ran my first group retreat in Provence with a yoga teacher, Jeni – it went wonderfully and Im planning a new one for the late May long weekend this year. And I moved from Dorset, to the countryside just outside the hip city of Bristol, only 10 minutes from an international airport and so easier for people to join me for Private Retreats from across Europe.

It is so fulfilling to see your dreams come real.What are your goals and dreams for 2017?

Are you wanting to get fitter, lose some weight, become healthier, enjoy more love in your life, let go of something no longer serving you, change your lifestyle, career, or even country? Or just relax and enjoy your life more?

Whatever your plans are, the biggest challenge for most of us is how to actually reach them! So I filmed this video for you…

How to make your New Year goals happen in 3 months!

I filmed it on Sydney harbour when I came here to see the amazing NYE fireworks, and before I took some quiet time by the water considering what is important for me this coming year. Getting clearer on the details of some exciting new projects I have planned to create for you (look out for some over the next few weeks), and what I want for myself (Im going to find a personal trainer who understands my digital nomads lifestyle and can work with me virtually while I travel).
I focus on just a couple of key goals as many success people say its best to start the year with just a few, so you can focus on them and make them real, and then one can add others if you wish later.

So my vlog for you today is 4 tips that have helped me, and many successful, people see our new years resolutions happening in a few months.

An extra tip – look out for the common theme in three of things Im sharing in my video. I think it will surprise you, and make sense that this is the key thing that we, as tribal creatures, need to make our dreams real.

Do you know someone who would like to make their new resolutions happen easier this year? Then feel free to share this with them, so this coming year can be different for them too.

Good luck with your goals this year, and hope these tips helps you make your dreams and plans happen!

With love from Sydney,

Cassandra Punita

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