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We all love being in love.
Falling in love…

That feeling of intoxicating love with any part of our experience of life – a beloved, a pet, our family, an adventure, a sunset, gardens, friends, our work and passions, the sunlight falling through trees, laughter, a hug, a small joyous moment in time that fills us with light.

And have you noticed how some days you just feel love easily, anywhere, for anyone and everyone, yet at other times it is harder to connect with?
That in those time there can seem to be something in the way of the feelings of easy happiness?

What I have learnt in myself and seen with my clients is how residues of experiences, challenges we have been through, can still be with us, filtering our experience and enjoyment of each moment now.

Then our hearts, like our homes, can need decluttering, so more love and happiness can be available to us again.

As the mystic poet Rumi said – ‘Only from the heart can you touch the sky’, especially a heart that is free of past clutter.

The question is how to do this?

People come and join me for Private Retreats to declutter their hearts at deepest levels, but there are easy steps you can take today to clear some dust from yours and let the sunlight in more.

This is what I’m sharing in today’s vlog…

How to declutter your heart…

I would love to hear how these steps work for you, and what other ways you declutter your heart?

And do Share this vlog if you have friends who you feel might like to declutter their hearts.

With love,

Cassandra Punita

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