(Vlog) An Abundance Key Hidden in Our Body

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It’s been gorgeous weather in South West England for the last week so I went down to the Dorset coast (where I used to live) for some end of summer swimming and hiking along the beautiful beaches there. It was beautiful and joyously sun drenched!

As I walked along the shore in the leg stretching soft sand I really felt a workout in a key area of my body, so I decided to film a video for you on how important this one area is for lower body health and all forms of abundance in our lives.

This has a major influence on our lower back, hips and legs, plus how well things are for us in many parts of our internal and external life (from our relationships to energy, money and our work). It can also hold secrets, hidden past issues we may have forgotten about and yet may still be influencing us at a cellular level.

For all it’s importance we often forget this area of our body in our busy modern world as our attention can easily be focused higher up in our body. But ignoring it can have a limiting affect on many areas of our lives, and just giving it a little attention can make the world of difference.

(Vlog) A Key to Abundance Hidden in Our Body

Hope you enjoy this and the beautiful Dorset coast behind me where I filmed this for you. I would love to hear your questions, thoughts and experiences with this.
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Cassandra Punita
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