The Forgotten Mystery of Vertical Time

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When we think of time its often of a sequence of events that happened in the past, or we want to happen in the future. Yes, this is only one version of time – Horizontal time.

There is another, a more mysterious, often forgotten aspect of time – and this is Vertical Time, and it is completely different from what we think of as ‘normal’ time.

You may be wondering by now why on earth am I talking about Time? I know, it sounds a bit out there but, stay with me for vertical time is a mysterious and amazing element – and if you start looking out for it, things could feel very different for you in the rest of your life.

The ancient Greeks interestingly were more aware of the different types of time than we are today, and they even had two different words for the different times. Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos is the horizontal, predictable, sequential time. What we think of as Time today.
The other word they had for time does not really have a translation in English as this is the time we have lost.
Kairos however is something totally different – it is the in-between time, a perfect, delicate and crucial moment when something special happens. The fleeting rightness of place and time.

And yet vertical times can go far beyond what the Greeks described too…

I filmed this for you in Bali as the local people here seem to be able to tap into this different ‘time’ with more ease than this than we do in the West…

The Forgotten Mystery of Vertical Time

I would love to hear what you feel about your time – do you spend more in horizontal or vertical?
And how does vertical time feel to you?

And do Share this vlog with your friends who you think might like to explore this mystery too.

With love,

Cassandra Punita

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  • Chiara

    Amazing vertical time listening to your words, thanks! And you also feel like you’re totally in it in Bali! 🙂

    • healingthedeep

      Lovely to hear you are enjoying ‘vertical time’ Chiara! And yes Bali is a wonderful place to explore it…

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