(Oz Vlog) Things we are Missing from the Sun

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Are you being more careful about the time you spend in the sun in recent years?
Been cutting back on sunbathing, protecting yourself more from it’s harmful rays?

This is a big concern in sunburnt countries like Australia where I am now.
Here the sun is very intense in the summer, and the ozone layer is thinner and offers less protection than in other regions, so people are avoiding the sun more and more.
Which is a good idea, but then it is easy to miss amazing things the sun can give us.

Maybe you are in the middle of a cold northern winter right now, and the danger of too much sun seems a long way off!

Yet wherever you are, whatever the season, there are surprising gifts from the sun all year round, and many we are missing recently.

The sun is the source of life, without it none of us, this amazing planet we live on would just be a cold rock.
And this is just the start…
The sun is key to you feeling fully healthy, joyous and alive – and in many, many ways.

This is what I’m talking about with you today. I think you’ll find it really interesting.
(I filmed it in the land of brilliant sunshine, so I think you’ll enjoy video background too!)it in the land of brilliant sunshine, so I think you’ll enjoy video background too!)

Hope this encourages you to questioning your assumptions on your time in the sun, and maybe exploring how you could do it differently.

I would love to hear back from you! Do join in the conversation and add your comments below the vlog.

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With love from Australia,

Cassandra Punita x

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