(Chat) Juice Fasting & Hungry Ghosts with Andrea Paige

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I have something a bit different for you in today’s vlog…

Did you know that 70% of our body’s energy goes to our digestion?! So what could be possible for you if all that energy was freed up for your body to heal and revitalise you?

This week I joined a Juice Fasting & Yoga Retreat in Amsterdam with a woman called Andrea Paige – as some time out for my body, on all levels. We are now on the 6th day of our retreat and it has been powerful and space creating on many levels.

So I thought you would be interested in discovering more about juice fasting, something to add to you tool belt of techniques to feel fully alive and healthy.

In today’s vlog Andrea and I are talking on juice fasting, and she is explaining the best way to do this, its many benefits, and what to know before you start!
With her many years of experience running 50 juice fasting retreats, and heading the detox department in the Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali, and giving a TEDx talk on this topic, she has much to share and I think you’ll find this fascinating. The difference? – this vlog is longer than usual as I thought you would want to hear all she explore this in more depth.

Juice fasting can help our bodies on so many levels – detoxing, cell revitalising, healing, digestive holiday, weight loss and more.

I have done juice fasts before but never a week long one, and I have been amazed that I have not felt hungry at any time in this week while on just 2-3 glasses of juice a day (and lots of water – Andrea shares how much we should be drinking a day from her research in our talk and it might surprise you!) and how easy it has felt to do.

Before this week, I usually have done them on my own whenever I first arrived in Bali, however after this I will be doing them much more often, and trying some longer ones – one’s body feels so good from it!

(Chat) On Juice Fasting & Hungry Ghosts, with Andrea Paige

Hope you enjoy this! I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences with this. Do join in the conversation below the blog – add your thoughts.

And of course, feel free to Share this vlog with your friends you think might find this eye opening…

With love,

Cassandra Punita

P.S. Once you have watched, if you would like to to hear more of Andrea’s wisdom and great suggestions for juice fasting, then do visit her page – http://liveforvitality.com – where she has free podcasts and other info and support.

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