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Cassandra James shares how Healing the Deep could help you

There is more to us than meets the eye…

Like icebergs our visible bodies are only a small part of us. Below the surface of our bodies, and invisible to the human eye (though revealed by CT scans), our body is a complex web of energy channels and centres that feed our muscles, tendons, bones and organs, and hold our body’s emotional memory at a cellular level. Lack of flow in these (caused by accidents, illness, trauma and stress) can affect our whole life – from joint pain to sexual problems & infertility; burnout to relationship challenges; addiction to stress; and hold us back living and loving all of our life as fully as we dream of. Many of these problems can be slow, difficult or even impossible to treat with other approaches, yet when they are treated energetically, fast and lasting cures can suddenly be possible.

This is the basis of the Healing the Deep ‘AcuEnergetics®’ treatments with Cassandra Punita James. Based in UK, she travels to work with people around the world clearing physical and emotional issues with deep and lasting results – a pain-free, fit, fulfilled and happy life is possible.

Cassandra’s in-depth training and over 15 years experience in the accurate energy medicine of AcuEnergetics®, brought together with her other unique understandings from years learning mindfulness with an Indian teacher, finding courage through fear sailing through a super typhoon in the Pacific ocean, mastering stress managing from running companies, and a lifetime of travel in many cultures seeking solutions to key human problems that can challenge us all at times.

Back & Leg Pain SeaChange
Back & Leg Pain SeaChange

Many people suffer seemingly untreatable Neck, Back, Coccyx, Hip or Leg pain and associated problems. Yet there is an answer. Using the accurate energy medicine of AcuEnergetics® it is possible to treat often seemingly impossible problems. For one needs to look deeper, into hidden causes and solutions, to clear the energetic channels in the area, and then fast and lasting cures are possible.
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Burnout SeaChange
Burnout SeaChange

We live such a frantic, multi-tasking life these days that stress and Burnout is becoming increasingly common, especially in stressful corporate jobs. Yet it is possible to live your life to the fullest, feel energetic, work well and stay relaxed. This treatment & support program can help you do this.
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Sex, Love & Natural Fertility SeaChange
Sex, Love & Natural Fertility SeaChange

Much of our happiness comes from our relationships, so enjoying Sex, Love and Fertility easily are key – but I see so many people with these challenges. Yet there are natural solutions! With personalised programs, the deep causes of these issues can be healed so it is possible to enjoy emotionally and sexually fulfilling relationships, and to conceive and birth a healthy baby, even if you are in your late 30’s or 40’s, or if IVF has failed you.
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Blocks, Fear & Trauma SeaChange
Blocks, Fear & Trauma SeaChange

Past stress, challenges, fear, grief, worry, accidents, PTSD and trauma can keep affecting us long after the situation is over. For these past threat can have become locked into the very cells of our body, even if we no longer remember the event, or body does and reacts from it so it can be affecting and limiting the rest of our lives, or until it is energetically cleared.
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“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

The Hidden Depths within Us

Physical and emotional symptoms are like the waves on the sea, when they are strong they can affect our whole life. Yet, the cause is often hidden in the depths below the surface, and it is into this invisible world within us that we have to go to find, and clear, many blocks causing the painful symptoms we see on the surface.

Healing the Deep programs can successfully clear these blocks by bringing together the accurate energy medicine of AcuEnergetics®, with wisdom from many teachers around the world, both ancient and modern, that Cassandra has met on her travels.

Levels of Treatment
Level 1 – Sunlight Zone: Clinic Sessions

Here we start to treat all your problems using the accurate energy medicine techniques and understandings of AcuEnergetics® – from Back Pain to Burnout, from Sex, Love & Natural Fertility issues to Stress, PTSD & other Emotional challenges. Incredible changes can happen in these sessions. As clients have shared, in just 90 minutes they saw profound shifts that they never thought possible before. You could experience this too…Experience yourself at a regular clinic in UK (London) or Holland, or the pop-up ones in Europe, Bali and Australia. – Does now feel the time to become free from from a physical or emotional pain?

“My initial session was so healing I signed up for a 24 Hr Breakthrough Intensive with Cassandra Punita”. Sundari Harden, Spain


Level 2 - Twilight Zone: Clinic Packages

Level 2 is where we will plan a program of clinic sessions with you to treat issues that needs a more extended time to heal. This is especially good if you are suffering from certain difficult issues, such as chronic physical pain, fertility, sexual issues and burnout.


Level 3 - Midnight Zone: Private Retreats

Sometimes in life we need to get away from it all. We need to go deeper. We know it’s time for a complete seachange. And this is what happens for people when they join me on a 1 to 3 day Private Healing the Deep Retreat in a beautiful environment (Provence, Bali or the SW England). Here is where I can focus exclusively on you, so we can clear whatever physical and emotional symptoms are standing in your way, so amazing new things can be possible.

“I want to share what I just experienced on a 3 day retreat with Cassandra Punita in Provence. Am so proud, so grateful, so many insights. I am touched in my heart, so much letting go of my past. I can really recommend this. It’s a breakthrough in my life, and I trust that I will now to go for what I really want.” Eric V.D., Netherlands


Level 4 - Abyss Zone: Private Platinum 4 Month VIP Program

Clients in these longer program have seen their whole life transformed, and at such a deep level that health, love and career opportunities become available to them which before they never even thought possible. This Private Platinum 4-month VIP Program supports healing and change from deep within, to the painful symptoms, and include monthly private retreats, weekly calls, constant energetic support and much more. During these programs it’s possible to clear chronic pain and health issues where all other avenues often failed, to shift hidden physical and emotional blocks limiting your life. Seemingly impossible obstacles can dissolve without effort, so freeing you up to finally live an energised, inspired and joyous life – a life in flow.

““My transformation level accelerated exponentially when I joined the intense Private VIP Program, as I was now getting exclusive focus from Cassandra. I was astonished to discover far deeper issues that appeared to control every aspect of my life, which had remained hidden and out of sight before. Even location made a big difference – I felt inner shifts deepening as I moved doing from doing casual sessions in London, to a Private VIP program in Dorset, and then to her top Private Programs in Provence.”– Ken W., UK 


  • I Healed Chronic Sciatica, & Many Other Issues…

    "I am very happy to have the opportunity to recommend the work that is being done by Cassandra Punita. Over the years she has given me over 30 sessions on a range of issues (physical and emotional). In them I was able to look at, and resolve, many early issues in my life, which I now realise had affected my body, and some had contributed towards my chronic sciatica (which she also gave me sessions for)."

    Veeresh, Founder and President of the Humaniversity
    Veeresh, Founder and President of the Humaniversity www.humaniversity.nl
  • Highly Skilled & Very Experienced Practitioner

    "After some Thai massages on holiday, I experienced considerable pain in my groin. Over the following 6 years the pain increased so that when I met Cassandra Punita and had some sessions with her, I was truly amazed that the pain decreased and that I was able to sleep again. I feel extremely fortunate to have…been treated by a highly skilled and very experienced practitioner.

    David W*, Switzerland
    David W*, Switzerland *This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym & stock photo has been used.
  • Self Doubt Gone, Confidence With Women Returned, Normal Erections Again!

    "After a Healing the Deep Retreat for this with Cassandra Punita, there was an almost immediate improvement in the blood flow and I was able to achieve normal erections. This has improved my self-confidence, I feel more relaxed and I have no self doubt anymore when making love. My advice to anyone dealing with this issue, is to take a "leap of faith", and ask for help, like I did."

    John C*, England
    John C*, England *This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym & stock photo has been used.
  • Money Blocks Cleared, £1000’s Flowing in!

    "I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help. I have seen such massive changes as a result - in particular around money. Within a few weeks of our session I had paid off over £5,000 on a credit card and reduced the interest payments on another saving £200 a month. I know that the energetic work you did helped me clear what was blocking me, and allowed this money to flow in. Thank you so much. It is just the beginning if the journey and I am so looking forward to the rest."

    Melina Abbott, UK
    Melina Abbott, UK www.businessbyresults.com
  • Amazing Breakthrough – Healed Knee, Let Past Go, Found Love!

    "My experience receiving AcuEnergetics® treatments from Cassandra Punita has been an amazing break through in my life. She also told me about the close relation between this knee problem and my attachment to old relationships. So the sessions to treat my knee included helping me to let my old relationships go. My knee healed, and immediately there was a space to allow and welcome a new relationship."

    Maria M*, Italy
    Maria M*, Italy *This client requested confidentiality so a pseudonym & stock photo has been used.
  • 20 Years Extreme Back & Neck Pain Cleared!

    "I had a mishap 20 years ago which left me with a lower back and neck injury. I had two sessions with Cassandra. And after the first session the pain level in my back was reduced, but my neck still hurt. After the second session, for the first time in 20 years, I had no pain at all! Cassandra, you are a legend. You will have a special place in my heart for your help."

    Steve L, Australia
    Steve L, Australia

How to work with Cassandra Punita? – Clinics, Retreats & Programs

Clinic Sessions

Start your healing journey with an Introductory session in a choice of clinics. Experience for yourself the difference these AcuEnergetics® treatments could make for your physical & emotional health. Clinics are available monthly in London (Covent Garden) and bi-monthly in Holland (Humaniversity). Or ask about a Pop-Up Clinic coming near you soon – these happen in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Australia.
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Clinic Packages

A Program of Clinic Sessions can then be planned to the clear your problem over a number of days or months, or you can step directly into a Private Intensive. Clinic Packages are far more effective than occasional casual sessions, and have the bonus of discounted prices
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Private 1 & 2 Day Intensives

Cassandra’s most popular programs! Step out of your busy life for a day, or two, for deep and intense treatment of a major issue in your life. Run in boutique hotels in near Bristol (only 10 min from the airport), Provence, Bali or Australia these powerful private retreats work at a totally different level from clinic sessions and are transformative.
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Private Platinum VIP Programs

The bespoke 3-4 month Private Platinum VIP Program can be life-changing. Run in England, Provence, & other beautiful locations, these are could be for you if you are looking to free yourself from a number of challenging physical, and emotional or career, issues at the deepest level. To totally refresh your life.
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Private VIP Programs

Bespoke VIP Programs for executives, millionaires and VIP’s looking for personalised, private treatment in a location of their choosing.
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‘Finding Your Flow’ Group Retreats

‘Life is a daring adventure, or nothing’ Helen Keller
Imagine escaping your busy life soon to – Explore.  Unwind.  Dream.  Stretch.  Discover – A holiday with purpose, in Provence! Includes Yoga, Meditation, Fabulous Food, Inspiring Mountains. La Belle Vie life with a group of like-minded new friends. Find your balance, happiness, energy and how to live in flow again.
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Nomad. Transformation Specialist. Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner – UK & Europe. Adventurer. Typhoon surfer. Entrepreneur. Helping people Heal the Deep so they can fully enjoy their lives. Ocean supporter.

Cassandra Punita has lived a life of adventures exploring how to live in flow.

Her teachers, inspirers and mentors have been many; the ocean while discovering how to surf typhoons, and enjoy calm seas: years with the radical, wise and humorous teacher Osho learning stillness, heart and the art of being authentic: co-founding companies, including the internationally successful AcuEnergetics® School & Clinic in Australia with the modality’s founder, Kevin Niv Farrow, and over 12 years clinical experience as Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.

In 2007 Cassandra Punita took to the road again, helping people around the world to Heal the Deep through AcuEnergetics® treatments in clinics, retreats and private VIP programs.

Now based in Europe, she is still a nomad and, with a small bag in tow, lives between the Bristol area of SW England, an old farmhouse in north Provence, and time in Bali and Australia.


Our connection to our ocean is deep, cellular. Life came the ocean, and we are still dependant on it for 80% of our oxygen. The Ocean inspires and relaxes us, yet most people only experience it from the shore. Few have the opportunity to explore the deep ocean’s breath-taking vastness, unknown depths, challenges and beauty. I am one of the lucky ones…

“In my 20’s I was lucky enough to sail the deep Pacific Ocean on a wooden yacht. 1.5 years on the high seas transformed me. I always had loved the ocean, but living on it I discovered how it was also our teacher.

I learnt of the unknown world below us over the dark and mysterious 7-mile deep Mariana trench where strange bone covered fish emerge from the depths at night.

I found courage through my fear as 60’ typhoon waves tossed our small boat. I learnt slowness when becalmed for days on a smooth ocean far from land, and was in awe when a vast pod of dolphins took 5 hours to pass our slow boat.

The ocean also taught me how we, like it, have depths within that are always in motion. How we need to listen to our body, and clear energetic and emotional blocks in our internal flow, to find true balance.

So I left the ocean and went seeking teachers of meditation stillness, courage of the heart and our energy body…”

Cassandra Punita James

Healing Our Oceans

Yet now, our oceans are in great trouble. The vast north Pacific, that was pristine and full of life, is now clogged with plastic, and wildlife are being rapidly depleted.

Sylvie Earle of Mission Blue, oceanographer, activist & deep water adventurer, said:

“Our actions over the next 5 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years!”

We don’t have long! Now our teacher, our ocean, needs all our help.

Here at Healing the Deep we support key ocean conservation projects.

So when you sign up for a session or a program with us to help your life, you will also be helping the source of life itself – our ocean.

The key Ocean Project we are supporting this month is:
Ocean Hope Spots – Increasing Mission Blue’s Internationally protected Hope Spots where amazing ocean life can regenerate from.

Like to join us?….This is an amazing and innovative period in history! And a time that needs radical solutions. Yet with fresh approach and fast action now we can protect the remaining ocean life, so critical to the survival of all life on our blue planet.

By the sea

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”  

Steve Jobs

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbour.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

What could be possible for you if you were finally free from physical & emotional limits?

How would your life change? 

What would you then be able to do?